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Talking Email Client versus Screen Reader

I assist my Mom who is just about 90 years old. She was a computer user until complete blindness that had it's onset about 10 years ago. She has been using email with a dedicated client that does text to speech, called "Talking Toolbox". It stopped working recently and it is not clear what the cause is.

I wonder if anyone has used other talking email clients they would like to recommend or combinations of screen reader and standard email client. I am currently exploring using NVDA and Outlook express.

Thank you in advance for any insights,

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Re: Talking Email Client versus Screen Reader

Teletender seems to work great but their email client doesn't seem to support everything yet. I tried adding both the account for my volunteer job which is a subdomain of Google, and my AT&T account. Neither of them worked with Teletender. The other issue I've had is that I've never gotten responses to my inquiries. But other than these two things I like it. Another option for your mother might be the System Access Mobile Network. It has its own email client but you can send both text-based messages as well as voice messages. I've sent both types of messages. SAMNet even works with other screen readers. Go to to read about it.

Re: Talking Email Client versus Screen Reader

You are welcome. yes, I do not like to type using a phone either. Good thing is that I barely need to type when I use the service. For sending an email, I just talk to record a voice message, the recipient will get my voice message from the email.

Re: Talking Email Client versus Screen Reader

Thank you for making me aware of this service. My Mom finds the phone more difficult than touch typing at a QWERTY keyboard.

Re: Talking Email Client versus Screen Reader

Hi Scott,

You may want to try with teletender. It does not need a computer. You dial a phone number, it can read emails to you one by one. You can skip or "jump" to a particular email in the inbox. it also allow you to reply an email with voice message. It is very convenient. One thing I do not like is, when compose a new email, it take some time to input the recipient email address with the number keys on the phone. Replying an email does not need that and works like a charm.

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