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Task Bar Windows 7?

Hi, I recently had to uninstall PC Fix Speed that had somehow gotten on my computer, and now I cannot seem to hide the task bar which is interfering with my web surfing.
-From the windows desktop, how do I get to properties and hide the task bar, or where can I find a step by step to do this?
I am using NVDA and also sightless. Thank you!

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Windows 7 Taskbar

Hello Web-Geek,
Thank you for these instructions as how to access the task bar and make wanted changes.

Re: Task Bar Windows 7?


In order to get to the properties for the taskbar, press the start button and then escape. Then press the applications key or the shift+f10 keys together. Navigate to properties. Then by default you are usually placed in the start menu tab. You will want to navigate to the taskbar tab and your options for controlling the taskbar will be there.

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