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Technology in the Future

Hey. I'm Devika, and I'm an eighth grader working on my History Day project. I pretty much found the information I needed, but I have had difficulties finding sites about the future for the blind. My topic is Braille and the Blind. I want to have a section dedicated to After Braille. For this, I want to find out about some more modern of technology or inventions that suggest advancement over the past years since Braille was invented. If you have any info at all that you think may help me on my project, email me at Thank you so much for your time!

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Re: Technology in the Future

Oh forget that. In 60 years there may not be a such thing as blindness. Haha.

Re: Technology in the Future

When I graduated high school in '83 there was no "Windows" or call phones were the size of shoe boxes and there was no cable tv or DVR so imagin what will be available in another 60 years. Perhaps we will all have implants and be part of the collective.
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Re:Technology in the Future

check at a company called "audioeye".....

not braille but a revolutionary new technology
Have a good look at the stuff this company makes. Most of all look at iSpeak & TimeTalk.

some ideas

Hi, Devika. The technology collection ( in our Information Center might give you some interesting ideas about what happens "after braille." For one thing, there's a fact sheet called "Braille Technologies" ( that talks about electronic versions of braille. That's in a collection called "Assistive Technology" (, which discusses lots of high-tech ways to gain access to information.

Good luck on your project!

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