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Text-2-voice translator for Blackberry Curve

As a vision impaired user of a Blackberry Curve 8330. I. searched & tested some software to make my Blackberry more accessible for me.

I found MyCaption (voice-2-text) very useful because you can compose / write by voice. Vlingo is also similar. But, Vlingo offers other features by voice too. I think they both work hand in hand. Where one leaves off the other picks up.

But, as a low vision user; voice-2-text is not a completely rounded accessible package for vision loss users of Blackberry Curve's. I found a text-2-voice translator called Polylotz. And Polyglotz is as close as you can get now to a talking Blackberry!

With the direct email & sms support with ispeak... AND save your translated audio! A vision impaired user can now have a big huge step closer to access; to using Blackberries.

With Polyglotz and MyCaption. A user can now have text-2-voice and then have voice-2-text. Just like Jaws, Dragon, and Magic software's do for the desktop computer. Polyglotz is now so close in equal too.

Polyglotz can read any copy-paste text up to 10000 letters; then it can read email & sms messages. And you can even save your audio for future use too!

Polyglotz might not read Berry menus. But, Hien & Polyglotz sure know how to cook up a great Berry good application!!!

~read by Polyglotz:

~composed by Vlingo:

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Re:Text-2-voice translator for Blackberry Curve


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