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Text-to-speech for math

I am a secondary math teacher at Mississippi School for the Blind. I am looking for a text-to-speech package that will handle math properly, by working either with Scientific Notebook or with Nemeth code in DBT. I tried Natural Reader, but it made a hash out of fractions in SN. I am trying to create files for spoken math formulae that blind students can listen to either on a MP3 player or on a Pacmate. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Re:Text-to-speech for math

MathType from Design Science, Inc. is an add-on to Microsoft Word which enables people to insert math equations into Word
documents that can then be turned into large print, Nemeth braille code (in conjunction
with Duxbury Braille Translator), DotsPlus math braille (when used with the ViewPlus
Tiger printers), or simply exported as accessible web documents with embedded MathML
equations that can then be read with Internet Explorer plus MathPlayer by a screen
reader. This is a free download from

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