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Text to speech for OS X 10.3.9?

I happen to own a powerbook mac (G3 Lombard model with bronze keyboard) and am looking for a text-to-speech solution for its use. I have "voice-over" on my big desktop machine (OS X 10.6.3 snow leopard). I really want t use the powerbook as a portable for when I am at training or for surfing the web from the coffee shop or library. Unfortunately, I haven't found a solution that doesn't cost me an arm and leg. anyone happen to have any solutions? I really don't want this device to go to waste.

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Re:Text to speech for OS X 10.3.9?

apparently there is no support for TTS under OS X 10.3.9. so, I am having to research linux on this platform (I will use an intel box first to make sure I can configure it end to end). my only problem is going to be how to replace the mouse in the X desktop (I can't use mice much anymore). I am also not sure how well orca will work on the ppc platform. Guess I'll find out and report back here.

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