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The Scorpion Virus Through Malware?

Hello Technology Talk,
I hope this topic will result in some needed discussion!
-Thanks to Access World, I became aware of the Disability Support Desk offered by MicroSoft and had a satisfying experience with utilizing this service this past week.
-My computer had been infected with what is called The Scorpion Virus, and it may have come via pop-up ads when listening to a variety of on line radio web sites that may scroll ads in the bacground.
It had somehow attached itself as an extension to the browser I use and some other programs.
I use NVDA, have Microsoft Security Essentials as my AV program, but do not know how safe it is to continue this choice to listen to on line radio.
I also use my computer in part for my professional life and cannot afford to have occurrences like this.
Any wisdom on how to listen to on line radio without the threat of virus mucking things up would truly be welcomed!
Additionally, a secondary issue is those radio web sites that ask one to allow that site to run a program as you listen, also seems a bit concerning. Thus for several months now, I have avoided radio sites that want to run a program while one listens to their channel on line.

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Re: The Scorpion Virus Through Malware?

Thanks for the warning and the information about Microsoft's Disability help.

I have listened to some of the radio programs but never encountered that viris. I use another security program, Karperski 2016 and Malewarebytes perhaps a more robust security program is the answer.

You mentioned you use your machine in your work, would you be a programmer?

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