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Thoughts on Text Based Audio Description

Hello, I am a video editor who is just getting into accessible tech. I am looking for ways to help make videos more accessible online and I recently came across a video player that supports text-based audio description and have been looking into it with interest.

Text based audio description is a style of audio description made available through the HTML5 Video Player called Able Player (I am not affiliated with this product, just interested!). Able Player allows the website owner to upload two text files, one that is a timed transcript of the spoken audio in the video and one that is a timed description of visual queues as they happen on screen. The timed descriptions track is read aloud by compatible screenreaders in time with the video as it plays.

I'm wondering if folks here might be willing to share any thoughts about text-based audio description vs. traditional audio description and how each one adds to or detracts from the experience of viewing videos online?

Here is an example from the Able Player site:

Please let me know if you are interested in sharing feedback about accessibility and online video.

My email is

Thanks so much!

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