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To Add a New Subject (Thread)

The "Add a Subject" link is at the end of the list. I get there using Ctl+End and it jumps there.

Before stsrting a new subject it is a good idea to check and see if the subject is already listed. You do this with the search box in the top right corner of the page. Doing this keeps all posts for that subject together.

WARNING: There is a timer on this process and you may get timed out and have to sign in again which may cause you to lose what you have writter. So before you hit the Add button, SAVE it. Then if you have been timed out, you can sign in and post it by pasting the message.

We have no count of "Reads". If you would like the board to have one, please tell AFB by using the feedbackprocess to be found at the bottom of the page.


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Re:To Add a New Subject (Thread)

Add your lessons here to help English learners

Re:To Add a New Subject (Thread)

Hi, responding to the party who asked about agency informing its clients of services and such: email, notice in the regional library newsletter serving given area, phone bank with phone extensions for given topics, school boards or city Government.

Re:To Add a New Subject (Thread)

Gooswork asked about preparing material for the visioned impaired. My reply runs to better tha thirty lines, I think in appropriate for a message board. I will send it by email to any who request it.

BN MPower bt 18 for sale

I'm selling a Braille note MPower bt 18 running latest build of keysoft with all cards (ethernet and wireless), braille manual and AC adaptors as well as sendero gps version 5 with CF card of maps of Maine. Additional maps can be downloaded free of charge from the senderogroup website. Bluetooth GPS receiver is the GPSlim 236. Asking $2,500 given the accessories I've included. Braille Note is in perfect condition recently had battery replaced from humanware and braille display cleaned. You can contact me at:

Providing Accommodations

I would be very grateful to have some inut regarding the best way an agency can provide their materials to people with visual impairment. We would like to make these materials available in the most economical manner, yet somewhat easy both for the agency and the recipient. What do you suggest? All suggestions will be looked at. Please provide the most info possible since there seems to be such a mass of technology for those of us who are uninformed.

Re:To Add a New Subject (Thread)

Oops. I have blown it. That 'example' doesn' t belong here, and how it got here is a mystery. And of course the other response doesn't belong here either.
The original post about a new subject is still good. ===gm===

Did You Know There Is A No Monthly Fee Medical Alert System With A Pendant You Can Talk Though

We are thrilled to be able to provide such a unique and valuable product.
- No Monthly Fees
- 600 Foot Range
- Pacemaker Safe
- Wear the pendant in the shower
- Talk Through The pendant

Re:To Add a New Subject (Thread)

Here is an example. In opening an account at HSBC I was given a beautifully pepared "Welcome" package of printed material that used tiny type printed in gray ink, the poor contrast making it hard to read and even hard for my CCTV to produce a good immage. Then there were several pages of copied information printed with less than black ink. If this sort of thing bothers you, please tell about it. This might start something.

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