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to users of google and or GMail

For several weeks, google mail has had a message advising one to upgrade their browser soon,as
gmail and other features may not be well supported with changes apparently being impleneted by google.
Google Chrome does not seem to work with Jaws.
I am currently using IE8, and not sure with what all is compatible with Jaws?
If anyone has recommendations for this issue, please pass them on.

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Try the HTML Basic View if you have issuesRe: to users of google and or GMail

I use IE9 and so far I haven't noticed any issues except that I find the message from GMail quite annoying. But if you do find that the things you have always done stop working then you could try moving to ther HTML Basic View which is a very basic no frills version of Gmail. It has a little less functionality but at the same time is little more accessible. I use this version most of the time. You can access it here:
If you can I would also recommend upgrading to IE9 or 10 if you have Windows 7 or later.

Hope that helps

Re: to users of google and or GMail

you could always download nvda which supports google chrome. is where u can find nvda. just type in google chrome into the ie search thing. have fun

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