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Troubles with Zoomtext Level 2

I find when using Zoomtext Level 2 i have trouble with freezing up on a regular basis. I have an Intell III 500 MG and 128 Ram. Not sure what to do. I have turned practically everything off from starting up front and run defrag almost hourly. Any other suggestions? I am at a loss...Thank You in advance for any assistance.

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Re:Troubles with Zoomtext Level 2

Your not alone with Zoomtext issues. I've been using it for years and have found it to be frustating as heck. It doesn't interface well with many programs nor websites and the copany is about as responsive as a flat tire. I would switch in a minute if there was something out there that would meet my needs. I know it's the AI software for my system functions perfectly with it shut down. Of course....I can't see beans without If anyone comes up with a solution....please share. Im'm maxed out in the memory and graphics board G-Force 8800 GTS so when AI tried to use that route as the problem...I shoved that us their wazoo real fast.

Re:Troubles with Zoomtext Level 2

Thank you for your feedback. What do you suggest as a software... they recommend me zoomtext level2...Any software much better .

Please advice.

I am having similar problems. Especially annoying is that the program causes Excell to shut down whenever I start the chart wizard. I have sent email to AI support and await a respinse.

thank you I will look...and wait for more on Zoomtext

Thank You I will look at it. I do like the Zoomtext and taking time to learn new programs is not on my to do list at this time so wourl like to fix computer and Zoomtext but still open for ideas so Thank you very much for the link I will look. Have a Fantastic Day!!!


I have not used zoomtext I use "iSpeak", a software made by Fonix corp. I have never had a problem with it, I'm not sure if it will meet your needs but here is a link to the compay's web site
Hope this helps.

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