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Is their a program to make twitter more accessible for blind computer users? If so, where can I download the program.

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Re: Twitter

There is also Easy Chirp 2, which is now in beta but works great. Check it out at . In addition, I have used The Qube before with good results. It is a free download available from . and are also very good. All of these are screen reader independent.

Re: Twitter

Yes! I'm using both m.twitter and m.facebook. They work well. Please follow me at @lucie_m02

Re: Twitter

Thank you! I will give that a try.

Re: Twitter

You can use the mobile site on your computer! Just type into your address bar.
- Michelle

Re: Twitter


Thank you for the information!

I have tried the Web site and got frustrated with it.
Cannot use the mobile site because my cell phone doesn't go on the internet.

Any other tips would be helpful.

Re: Twitter

Hmm. I just did some experimenting and found that the mobile twitter site ( works like a charm! Thanks for inspiring me to look into this.
- Michelle, AFB Intern

Re: Twitter

Have you tried the website? I find it a little tricky but accessible overall. I can give you more tips if you want them. I've also heard good things about Tweet Deck. Any other thoughts, tech community?
- Michelle, AFB intern

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