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Updated cctv/video magnifier info

Having the Internets largest source of cctv/video magnifiers and handheld video magnifiers, I have to periodically update the info so here it is:

This page is the combination of AbleData's Video Magnifiers, cctv's, discontinued video magnifiers, discontinued cctv's and AFB's list of cctv's/video magnifiers plus my personal finds. Unlabeled items are from AbleData, (afb) are from AFB, (my find) are my exclusive finds :) 153 Abledata video magnifiers + 2 AbleData CCTV's + 53 AFB + 24 my find's = 232 cctv/video magnifiers... note the AbleData and AFB is presented as found, just copy and pasting their links so each item _should_ have some info about it, for my finds I used manufacturer links or the sellers links.

This summer added Maggie, SenseView Light, Quicklook Touch, Quicklook 2, Explora and Explora-Plus to the handheld video magnifier page

so had to also update small comparison chart:

and the more in depth comparison spreadsheet:

Since the Maggie and Quicklook had different sized monitors (3 inch and 3.4 inch respectively) I had to update my monitor size comparrison page:

I have added to my regional page on benefits that legally blind people can receive (which might help you find a similar program in your area)

my current research is on digital media, and will be posted in the Books section here when finished....

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Re:Updated cctv/video magnifier info

Added: Ash Mobilux Digital, Carson Optical InSite, and the Ablenet Boost

Re:Updated cctv/video magnifier info

Just found the aukey handheld cctv, and added the $5000 mobileeyes pro as an example of what I hope the future will bring the pro version plays mp3's (audio books) burns discs, displays ebooks, has built in camera for freezeframe, can let you magnify a check and see yourself signing it... if they could add gps to the mix that might be a hit 'cept for the price :(

updated all 5 pages/spreadsheets concerning handheld cctv's

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