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Used braille notes for sale?

Hi, I'm writing to ask if anyone currently has a used braille note that they'd like to sell. Buying them new is rediculously expensive, and I've seen not current add postings online for used PDAS atlower prices, so I thought I'd post here and ask. Feel free to reply. Thanks. Sam

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Re:Used braille notes for sale?

Dear Sam,

I didnt' know if the poster above sold you his Braille Light but I have a Braille Note M-Power 32 saille 2005 model for sale. I'm open for offers of any sort just e-mail me at I have all of the accessories, charger and the book in braille for you to have with the package. E-mail me as soon as possible if your interested.

Re:Used braille notes for sale?

Yes, they do have braille lites, you have to call and ask for one, I do have one for sale. It is a Braille Lite m40 with the full display. It has the case, charger, braille manual and on tape. I want 500 for it or we can talk. I need the money for something else I want to buy. email me at

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