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used CCTV needed

I am looking for a used CCTV system for my mother. She has AMD and is legally blind. It needs to be fairly simple to use, because she is 87 and somewhat cognitively affected (she can still work her TV, and the reader we got from the LOC service for the blind).

Thx, Jane

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Re: used CCTV needed

I have an Acrobat 3 in 1 CCTV it is very easy to use and has a remote to controle it. I can work out a bood deal with you.

Re: used CCTV needed

Hi. Have you found a system for your mother yet? Some doctors, low vision clinics, and vision rehabilitation agencies may offer loaner programs and/or resale of older machines, which could reduce the purchase price substantially. Lions Clubs and other community organizations may be another route to try.

This VisionAware article offers some info about some of the other devices that may be useful to your mom:

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