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user friendly anti-virus program?

Hi, I wonder what the consensus may be concerning the most user friendly antivirus free programs for blind persons to use on the computer? choices are between AVG, Avast, and
Microsoft Essentials.
Specifically, when time to update comes, which is the better of the 3 for a blind person using NVDA or other screen reader? Thanks.

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Re: user friendly anti-virus program?

Difference between free and paid Antivirus software's
Whether an antivirus software is free or not has almost no correlation with its quality. We can find plenty of good reasons to choose a free antivirus software's, and plenty of good reasons to go with a paid antivirus software's. Free antivirus software has one main advantage - its PRICE. The free programs typically offer the basics, such as a simple search and destroy of malware. This is also its limitation too, as the free version usually only protects your system from viruses, and does not offer the comprehensive protection you may require. As you progress through the different types of protection, more advanced features can be added on. Moreover, one of the biggest drawbacks to going with a free antivirus software is the lack of technical support. More...


Re: user friendly anti-virus program?

Hi all,
Jajoe, Someone here recently posted about a remote support group whose primary purpose seemed to help blind computer users with Microsoft issues.
Unfortunately, I did not jot it down and will have to do the hunt and peck to find the post.
-I experienced a similar issue as you described when using both AVG and Avast on separate occasions a few years ago.
It seems like one can update this or that a limited number of times, and then as you put it, "no dice."
Hope someone will address this more fully to aid us all.

Re: user friendly anti-virus program?

I have used several different programs of this type, both free and commercial. But I find Security Essentials to be the best one both in terms of price and accessibility. Just one question though. That is, what to do about the program not scanning or updating automatically? This has been happening with both me and a sister of mine who uses JAWS. I've tried checking the box for automatic scanning and such, but no dice.

Re: user friendly anti-virus program?

Jaws and Microsoft Security Ecentials work very well together. I also used NVDA and like it with Microsoft Security Essentials.

As far as I am concerned, Microsoft Security Essentials is the best and only program to use.

Re: user friendly anti-virus program?

Laz and Crista, Thank you for your timely replies to my AV question.
Crista, It is interesting you should mention WindowEyes, as the computer I now have is a refurb model from the Texas Center for the Visually Challenged, and has that as a demo on there. So far I have been happy with NVDA.

Re: user friendly anti-virus program?

I agree, I'm using Microsoft Essentials, too, but with Window-Eyes. I've tried them all at one time or another, and this is by far the friendliest and most accessible.

Re: user friendly anti-virus program?

I use NVDA and Microsoft Essentials which is accessible. It updates itself along with other Microsoft updates, so no user intervention is required. I have it scan nightly and take a look in the system tray to see if the icon mentions anything else but PC status: protected. When it has reported an issue, it has been a simple matter to deal with it using Microsoft Essentials. No problems so far.

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