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Using In Speak Communicator with JAWS. (Urgent need)

David Russell (drussell52) on 04/17/2010 asked about using the In Speak Communicator with JAWS. He currently has JAWS 6 on home PC. Are there articles in Access World or somewhere else that can give a blind person tips and tricks to assure success with this? AccessWorld was not helpful.
He is considering PalTalk but wants to make In Speak work first if probable.
This entry has been rewritten from entries under another Subject because it deserves a Subject of its own.

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Re:Using In Speak Communicator with JAWS. (Urgent need)

Thank you for re-posting this topic and for the summation of its purpose.
I sent an earlier e-mail to the Adaptive Tech Center at Indiana U to see if anyone there had some leads, a professional forum to which I belong, and you good folks. Didn't mean for this to be a stumper.
I use Jaws 6, windows XP, and IE7. The problem seems to occur once in the chat room, reading messages or sending text, or signaling to take my turn locks up, only after a few minutes of being in the given room..Will look back frequently for replies and help. Thanks.

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