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Verbal View Office Ribbon Bar

This is from Fred's Head Companion (APH)
The programs in the Microsoft Office® 2007 Suite work better together because they now share a common file format and a common user interface. The interface is called the "Ribbon," and it has been the source of frustration and confusion to many blind computer users. With the information in this comprehensive Verbal View tutorial, the blind computer user will understand and confidently interact with this important new interface.

Microsoft has also upgraded the file format and user interface for many of its other programs, such as Access®, Project®, Publisher®, Visio®, Paint®, and WordPad (in Windows 7), and Windows® Live Movie Maker. Users will be able to apply the information in Verbal View Office Ribbon Bar across many Microsoft programs.

Delivered on CD, this tutorial comes in multiple digital formats including DAISY, html, Word, and text.

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