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Vision PC Devices and Enablemart???

Hi everyone,
My vision problems are beginning to dramatically affect my ability to work on my computer. I've been researching some of the new low vision devices like the Screen Magnifiers, Readers, and even the new Notetakers. There are so many options out there, and it seems just as many retailers. A friend recommended an online store called He said they have a bunch of the different devices, and a good range of cost options. Has anyone used this store? Also, is anyone using any of these devices? Can you recommend a certain brand??

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Re:Vision PC Devices and Enablemart???

Hello: It gas been almost a year and a half since you posted your situation and needs, Could you tell us, please, how your sight has progressed and what you have learned? It is a help to would-be helpers to know in what functions you are most need of help and give us some feeling of what you can see - and not. ===gm===

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