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visor - low vision magnifier for iPhone

my name is André. Today I'd like to introduce visor, a magnifier App for iOS that lets you read printed text with the help of your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. We've developed visor, after my dad experienced a 90% vision loss. He always had his trusty iPad with him, so I enlisted the help of my friend an engineer Sebastian to develop a better and cheaper solution then existing vision aids.

Visor is specifically designed for people with low vision and provides very crisp contrast settings as well as a very easy to use interface, that was tested by low vision people of local low vision organizations.

Here is the link to the Apple App Store:

I'd like to provide some promo codes, to invite you testing visor on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.


To use promocodes, open the AppStore App and scroll down to the end of the page and hit 'redeem'.

Thank you. Have fun with visor and let me know what you think

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Re: visor - low vision magnifier for iPhone

Hi Andre',

Thanks for the promocode :) I was just testing Visor on my iphone 4.

I am not visually impaired, but I am getting older and need "cheaters" for reading small print, so my comments are related to this use case.

I like the simple and intuitive interface. I also like the different contrast types that are available and the button to turn on/off the phone's light.

With my phone, the buttons take up some real estate, so I would like to see them "slide down" after a certain interval, so that I have more screen to read with.

Thanks for sharing and best of luck with this app!



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