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visual studio 2013 or 2015 modelling projects accessibility

hi. wondering if any one has got the new visual studio 2015 community or other editions. and i heard blend is accessible with screen readers like jaws. now my question is: is the modelling projects in c #and sql server management studio accessible with screen readers. any blind developers done modeling projects. and do they read the content, like using uml diagrams, like state, use, case, class and sequence. any thoughts. thanks. marvin.

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Re: visual studio 2013 or 2015 modelling projects accessibility

Hello Marvin,
I am looking for someone with experience in using screen readers with the Visual studio Express package from Microsoft. I am currently using a screen reader called NVDA and have a copy of ZOOMTEXT 10 also loaded on my machine.

I want to learn how to program in the Visual Studio area, and have played at it a little, b but I have found my screen reader can not give me the information I need to edit, input and correct programs.

I was hoping to get some pointers on just how a screen reader is used by a blind programmer.

You seem to be in that category, can you talk to me?

thanks man, I appreciate it.

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