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voice chat

My name is Tom Keenan, I am blind computer user from Belfast, Northern Ireland.

I have recently joined yahoo voice chat in an attempt to find other blind computer users interested in having voice chat. Normal text chat rooms are too difficult for me to use.
Does anyone know of any available, easy to use voice chat software or website communitys that have been created for blind people?

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Re:voice chat is also a blind chat site

Re:voice chat

hi its mr h here i am a member of the r n z f b here in new zealand

Re:voice chat

I have used skype and google talk which are very nice programs. Paltalk is another windows based chat program which features text and voice though in my opinion is very inaccessible, even which the scripts for jaws and the voice quality si terrible. I have seen small little aps that you can make pc2pc calls like pico phone which is pretty cool. I'm not usually fond of website voice chats mainly because of lag and the like...Code

Re:voice chat

There is another site for voice chat is a voice chat site also. On there is a lower traffic than on but the qualitty sound is better.

Re:voice chat

or you can use phone Conference

Re:voice chat

there is a web sight:
wich is used for voice chat. If you have any more questions:

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