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Voiceover for the mac Forum

I just bought an Imac with Leopard and am using Voiceover. I've searched all over for a user discussion group of some sort. So, can we start one here? I'll post my first question in a separrate message.

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Re:Voiceover for the mac Forum

I don't see an answer. Is that bbecause
* there isn't a way to do it(just tell me, I can take it)
* None of the Voiceover users are using ichat
* there are no Voiceover users (unlikely)
* Voiceover users can't get their replies into this message board (possible, forms don't seem to be that easy with Voiceover)
*Voiceover users are not very talkative
* Voiceoer users have another discussion place and I just haven't found it.

Maybe, if nobody knows how to accept a call, somebody could just tell me I'm not the onlyone out here?

Should I post a different question? Maybe I'll try that.

Voiceover for the mac - Ichat

I'm having fun with video chat, but I can' find any way to accept an invitation to chat. The dialog comes up and I can read almost everything in the box, but there appears to be no accept button. Someone told me it is a big green area, but Voiceover doesn't see it.

So, my current solution is to dismiss the dialog, then call the person back and let him accept the call from his end. I only have one buddy, and he's not a Voiceover user, so it works. This isn't going to work if I get more buddies, of course.

Any tips?

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