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VoiceOver for the MacIntosh

VoiceOver is the screen reader program for the MacIntosh.The Tiger software has just come out for the Apple MacIntosh Computer, and the VoiceOver screen reading Total Access is now available. I wondered if anybody has had a chance to try it out and what they thought if it. I am sa former Mac user and switched to windows seven years ago.

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Re:VoiceOver for the MacIntosh

well, I am now on the latest version of VO (VoiceOVer) and I must say, it has saved my bacon! what was left of my large print eyesight has faded down to almost nothing over the last month, but because I use a mac with voiceover, i was still able to keep right on doing what I do (web browse, e-mail, irc, etc.). sure, its a bit of a learning curve, but its better than waiting on Vocational Rehabilitation training (in Arizona thats anywhere from 3 to 12 months before you can even get services).

I can at least function on the net now. otherwise, I'd have an expensive paperweight taking up space on my desk for 3 to 12 months.

anyone who is blind/VI and uses a mac with Voiceover, send a big thank you (and suggestions for improvement) to

- Eric

Re:VoiceOver for the MacIntosh

If you have a current Mac, you have one of the best softwares for the visually impaired built right in and FREE!
check it out...

This alone is a reason to switch to Mac.

Re:VoiceOver for the MacIntosh

I read the review of the macintosh from access world, and I must say that I am disturbed by it. Some of the information sucyh as the stuff about textedit was flat out wrong. Textedit does have a spell check, and pretty good editing capabilities like bold, italic, and underlined fonts, as well as the ability to use double spacing and 1.5 lines. One problem, is that it can't read tables, but this problem is soon to be solved by a third party company called Mariner. b

Re:VoiceOver for the MacIntosh

That is awesome! I use a Mac Mini at home and a PC at work. My vision I have left is declining so I welcome any tools to help me out.

Re:VoiceOver for the MacIntosh

I'm exploring VO as well as the usability for a low vision user. I must say, I'm thrilled to be able to sue a Mac again. It is all quite usable. Just think for the price of Jaws you get a Unix computer with both screen reader and magnification ability. I just hope companies like APH notice it and start to develope products, like Bookport for it.

But this is a major step for true computer freedom for the visually impaired community.

I have started a web site that I hope to grow as a great resource. So if you like to get in on the ground floor, come by and join the email list. We are just starting up as I said.

I started using the Mac in 84, and moved to the PC in 98. I make my living with the PC as a network administrator. But the Mac is my platform of choice.

Re:VoiceOver for the MacIntosh

The Apple product manager for Tiger demonstrated VoiceOver for me at a conference in March. It worked well with him at the keyboard. AccessWorld will be testing VoiceOver beginning later this month. The results will be posted at as soon as possible. Maybe you will be able to go back to the Mac.

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