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Volunteer want to help people through Skype.


My Name is Marcel and i am from Holland in Europe. For some time now i help blind people in my country as a volunteer. I came across the iphone app, be my eyes, which helps blind people to see what their phone camera is showing. It is however not yet avaialbe for Android so i thought maybe i can fill in this gab and help some people all over the world!

I just want to share my Skype account. You can call me when i`m online and then i can describe for you what i see on your camera. This way i can be your eyes just as on the iphone app be my eyes. You can also use the skype on your phone and then use that camera and point it at anything you want to be described by me personally. Maybe you are stuck and some point on your computer, just start the skype session with me and point the camera on your screen. i`ll help you through.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

My skype name is: poseidon4413

Kind regards,


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Re: Volunteer want to help people through Skype.

That's really nice of you Marcel. I wish the app becomes available on Android. I am sure many people would love to become eyes for blind people.

Re: Volunteer want to help people through Skype.

Thank you for sharing this. My husband has RP and I will give him your skype name. I appreciate you being willing to help other people like this. Thank you

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