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Waterproof talking watch

Has anyone out there made a waterproof talking watch? I have never seen one marketed but would certainly appreciate them. ANy ideas??

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Re: Waterproof talking watch

I finally found one and ordered it for my wife. I got it for $11 and will tell how it is. Looks good though, but the only drawback is that its not a very female friendly design. Got it from:


Re: Waterproof talking watch

I have a water resistant talking watch that my grandpa bought online, I can touch it with wet hands and it can even get splashed a bit, but I just can't submerge it.

Re:Waterproof talking watch

Dear AFB one problem I have come across in my 33years of being blind is that when you live in the tropics the humidity plays up with all these talking gadgets. They are flat out lasting a year and some of these talking gadgets are very expensive. So if a company made water resistant talking gadgets they world last longer. It seems to be one aspect of the blind fraternity that is overlooked. It is like the sensor I bought when I first went blind that you leave on the beach with your towel and when you come out of the water you clap and the sensor beeps and you know where your towel is. It only worked 2 or 3 times then got sand in it and stopped working.
At the moment here where I live the humidity is about 80%
Wade Mann

Re:Waterproof talking watch the maxi-aid catalog has reizen water-resistant talking watch, Have not purchased, My grandmother needs an expansion band.

Re:Waterproof talking watch

Have been looking for the same thing. Do I need to travel the world to find a good watch? Also, I swim in the ocean, and have no means of knowin when I need to get out (lose track of time.)--Matthew Chao

Re:Waterproof talking watch

When i could see, i used to always use a CASIO G-SHOCK watch which was waterproof to 250m, which was great for sport, as it didn't matter whether you got it wet or accidently clattered it off anything.

Since losing my sight, i cannot find a single watch that will allow me this same level of use, and have spent a small fortune on crap talking watches that die when subjected to any moisture what so ever, whether it be sweat, steam, a splash of rain water or in fact in the sauna!

I've lost count of how many of these sub standard throw away RNIB & COBALT watches i've gone through!

If anyone can design a waterproof watch equivalent to the CASIO G-SHOCK that will tell me the time, i'd greatly appreciate it, as will many many many others i'm sure!

I'm constantly told that the reason such a watch does not exist, is that to waterproof it would muffle the speaker. I dont care if the voice is muffled, so long as it still tells me time & isn't ruined by the slightest molecule of moisture in the air!

Surely the CASIO boffins can resolve this issue and meet our needs!
Many thanks.

Re:Waterproof talking watch

I certainly will! The reason I asked is because I know some of my sighted friends have these waterproof watches, so when they come to swim practice at school, they can just tell me the time if I ask for it. I would much rather know it for myself though instead of asking someone else.

Also, I can't tell you how many times I have accidentally gotten it wet, or went in the shower, or accidentally went in the pool with it! it's cost me a lot to get new ones every time, even though I try to be careful. It'd be so much easier if it was waterproof.

Re:Waterproof talking watch

After checking and asking around, I didn't find anything either. Hopefully someone else will cone up with something.

Good luck and let us know if you find it,

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