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Wayfinder Access: GPS for the blind, would you sign this petition?

Hi, to all here at the messageboards,

This is Master Glitch, and there is something that I would like
your help on.

In a micro nutshell, the petition is for a company to continue
supporting and developing a GPS solution for the blind called
Wayfinder Access.

I have used the accessible mobile application and have
come to the conclusion that it is an invaluable GPS tool that
allows real-time information of surrounding areas while
traveling.  And now, that tool is being threatened with

Blind or sighted, your signatures will be helpful.  Please click
the following link to read more about the petition and to add
your signature and a comment.

Master Glitch

P.S.  If you can, please spread the petition to any groups that
you may be apart of.  Every move, big or small, will help.

Thank you.

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