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Web-based Application for an Accessible Syllabus

At Utah State University we have developed an application that allows instructors to create an accessible syllabus through a step-by-step process: There is no sign-up and no cost.

If you know a student that has received an inaccessible syllabus, she or he can forward it to and one of our volunteers will upload it into the Salsa system.

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Re: Web-based Application for an Accessible Syllabus

Thank you, George. Alas the video is inaccessible for my eyes; I need high contrast. (The white background blinded me to the black print.)
I used the DOJ form the day I heard about it
and am still waiting for a response. Cheers. gm

Re: Web-based Application for an Accessible Syllabus

There are many problems that higher ed syllabi have with accessibility, and you mentioned two important ones.

In the case of PDF files, here is a 57-minute video detailing the steps to convert a MS Word PDF to an accessible file: By contrast, Salsa creates accessible online documents with no additional software or "fixes" required.

As for reporting to the DOJ, for what it is worth, they now have an online form for registering a complaint:

Re: Web-based Application for an Accessible Syllabus

Curious! Why are they not accessible? Is it due to any particular disability? PDF files and low contrast sensitivity is my problem. Are you keeping a tally on the frequency of causes that could be reported to the US Access Bd?
I know of no entity accepting accessibility problems, sorting by cause, and reporting frequency to any enforcement agency. believe the Board or the DOJ should be inviting all consumers to report all hardware, software, and IT inaccessibility problems to a single point for this purpose.

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