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Web design as a career for someone with low vision - crazy thought?

Hi All,
I'm in a career transition, a bit of a tech geek (ok maybe a bit tech geek) and am thinking about taking a different direction with my career. I know that I need to work at least another 20 years before considering retirement. That said, I also know the importance of having some solid tech skills, including programming, coding, software development, etc. It will take me a while to get those skills. In the interim, and in need of a paycheck, I've been thinking about web design as a shorter learning curve and a way to start in the direction I need to go. That said.....and finally, here's my question...obviously front end web design is very visual. As I start into Photoshop training, I'm starting to panic a bit. I need things magnified and "distorted" so I can see what I'm working with but then getting that to look "normal".....just thinking about it, starting to hyperventilate again. Is this crazy? Or is this do-able and I just haven't found the resources yet to support me on this journey? Thoughts? Thanks!

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Re: Web design as a career for someone with low vision - crazy thought?


I am a software development student and have been using assistive technology ever since I was in the 3rd grade. I use a combination of NVDA (screen reader) and Windows magnifier to do everything on the computer. I am currently taking a web programming class and find it very accessible. Coding is very doable with just a screen reader. I recommend Notepad++ as a text editor or Eclipse are both screen reader accessible. I don't need the screen to code. As for visual elements, I don't have much experience with Photo Shop, but I use Windows magnifier to draw pictures and sprites all the time and find it easier because you are so zoomed in to draw anyway, all the pixles are easier to see. Kind of hard to explain. Of course, this all depends on the person's vision. I myself have no central vision and an acuity of 20/450 if that helps put it in perspective. Someone with no sight can very easily code though given programming's text-oriented nature.

Hope this helps.

Re: Web design as a career for someone with low vision - crazy thought?

Not crazy at all. You just have to connect with human beings who have visual disabilities in that field. In fact it is possible. good Luck.

Re: Web design as a career for someone with low vision - crazy thought?

Hi Janet,

I would ask an individual who is visually impaired and working in a related field how he/she uses Photoshop. You can go under the "Make Connections" heading on CareerConnect and browse for a mentor.

Good luck!

Shannon Carollo

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