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Web Review Wanted

I am looking for beedback on a site I am starting tht is on services for the blind and low vision.

Thse site is:

Thank you for your review. :)

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Re:Web Review Wanted

Sorry, I think it is not ready for a review because it seems to be empty, just an outline, no or little content. I clicked on Contact and got a list of what seemed to be ads but no contact information. I examined it at 125%.
I don't know how a screen reader will deal with it.

To unnderstand you we need to know about your ability to see. Please describe it and say what tools you use.
You need to know what we see when we come to it. It may not be what you imagine. Where are you? Get locals to describe it to you by phone with their adjustments in place. 212-222-8751 8am-11pm ET

Re:Web Review Wanted

How come there are no services listed for California?

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