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Web Site Forums, book

Dear Technology Talk,
I am both a freelance and fiction writer by profession, and recently joined a web site called book, all one word,
I am using the latest version of Firefox on a Windows 7 machine with NVDA as software.
The problem is knowing how to post messages or reply to messages in the various discussion forums.
There seems to be no clear audio indicator
The words "new topic" "subject" "message" can be heard when down arrow or up arrow is used, but no link or button seems apparent.
There are several choices including bold, font, paragraph style, plain text, etc, each with the notation, click on, and then the named function.
If anyone is familiar with this site, or this type of site message board, please share how you may have resolved your issue so as to take advantage of participation.
Thank you.
David Russell

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Re: Web Site Forums, book

I am very sorry this is long overdo . . . .
I did mention in a separate email to BookCountry about their site being very difficult to participate on as a blind author.
To my knowledge this has remained unaddressed and have since moved on to other things myself.
I am experiencing major obstacles fairly often with web sites whose links seem to include a lot of "stuff/features" behind the scenes that seem to baffle a screen reader.
Much thanks,

Re: Web Site Forums, book

Rus, I went there to take a look with my eyes. Way down at the bottom they invite feedback although they didn't call it that. That's the first step. They should be told of your problem.
Visually, I found it attractive but not helpful as to how to use the site; the instructions ought to be right up top. Newcomer unfriendly. An "About" section is needed.
I think the site has merit, but needs changes.
Good luck ! gm

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