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What is your experience with accessibility on the web?


I am a web developer who just recently discovered the topic of web accessibility. To be honest, I am quite embarrassed about my ignorance on the topic and was hoping to reach out and learn from anyone who would be willing to share their experiences about navigating the web.

I would love to learn about any websites that have done a particularly good job at creating good experiences for those who are blind.

What did these websites do that made your experience a good one? On the other end of the spectrum, what are some common annoyances that you encounter often as you navigate the web? What are some things that you wish were better in general?

I would love to take what I learn and share it with other developers so that accessibility on the web is not just an overlooked thing that unfortunately, I think is for a lot of development firms as of now.

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Re: What is your experience with accessibility on the web?


I am a software development student and have been using assistive tech ever since I was in 3rd grade. I use a combination of Windows magnifier and NVDA to do pretty much everything online. The first thing I notice about a webpage is the heading tags in html. Good sites properly tag their pages (I'd put the actual tags here but I don't I am allowed to). What I have learned about html is that those tags are what a screen reader relies on to navigate a page. Usually well-known websites have properly tagged pages while lesser known sites don't have much or any html tag navigational support a screen reader can use. Pressing "H" on my keyboard and cycling through headings is very useful and pages that don't take the time to put h1-h6 heading tags force me to sift through info on the page the old fashion way, up and down arrow. Also, using html options some sites have removes some hassle and allows screen readers easier navigation for that page (I'm thinking of gmail's basic and standard views). Many sites have mobile versions like this that are typically better for screen readers to use.
Hope this helps!

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