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what jobs are there

I am a blind person.
I am good working with computers.
I do not want to go to colage.
So what job can I have sitting at a computer.

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Re:what jobs are there

I forgot to give my skype id. It's lucie0287 so please contact me. I am also looking for friends to chat with me there. Thank you.looking

Re:what jobs are there

I forgot to give my skype id. It's lucie0287 so please contact me. I am also looking for friends to chat with me there. Thank you.looking

Re:what jobs are there

Hi! As for me, I am working as a home-based tutor using my computer. If you want, you can also work as one. Please contact me on skype if you are interested. You will be teaching English subject. Hope to hear from you soon.

Re:what jobs are there

Thank you for the information and suggestions.

Re:what jobs are there

Most state and city governments use a scoring system when looking at applicants. Being a person with a disability typically provides a point added to your score. I know this because I actually over saw some of the interview process for specific state orgs in the past (under specific areas). State governments have websites as well with all of their job postings, such as (kind of rare, but Florida chooses to use a dot com address).

Great point about connecting with the consumer groups in your area, you should be networking with as many groups as possible. This includes the NFB and ACB. You should be networking with organizations non-vision related as well.

City government, check with your local city government to see how they post their jobs. I am not telling you government is the only way to go, but they are hiring. I am just providing some ideas.

I wish you luck!

Joe S.
AFB Staff

Re:what jobs are there

David - Thank you for the helpful information and phone numbers. While your spell check advice is good, it does not apply to me but to that original poster (brl017). I would suggest you be a bit more mindful of details before passing judgment. That too, speaks to your willingness to care about what you are communicating.

Re:what jobs are there

Hi. I think you have been given some great advice. Couple personal things. You need to use spell check before sending out communications, that will speak to your willingness to care about what you are communicating. The word college, was erroneously spelled in your message.
Secondly, see if there is a local chapter of either the National Federation of the Blind or
American Council of the blind in your area.
I am sure there is if you reside in or near Chicago.
You can get the toll-free number for either organization by calling
When you call either the NFB or ACB offices ask for contact info in or near where you live.
I think people will better be able to advise you once they have talked with you via the phone or e-mail. First find some contacts in your area.
Wish you good fortune in your job search.

Re:what jobs are there

Hi Joe,
Thank you for the helpful information regarding Do you know if there are similar considerations for people with disabilities at the City (Chicago), state (Illinois) and county (Cook and surrounding counties) level?

Re:what jobs are there


"jobs sitting at a computer" is not very specific, what are your skills and abilities, including your skills and abilities related to the computer? What types of software do use at high level or at least are proficient on?

Have you checked out AFB CareerConnect and there is a new course called the Job Seeker's Toolkit. Registration to AFB CareerConnect is free and so is the course. It helps with self awareness, career exploration, and the employment process. is CareerConnect. You can also select the For Job Seekers section and look under "Explore Careers" or "Career Exploration." You can profiles for all kinds of careers with up to date information. It is worth checking out, most people miss that piece on CareerConnect.

There all kinds of careers using a computer, so you have a standard high school diploma? Do you have any addition certifications in computers? Have you thought about additional training in computers (just checking)?

Most jobs require computer skills today, so that is a pretty broad question. Have you asked people you know who are employed about their jobs and specifically persons who utilize computers? How they started, what kind of training they required, and so on.

Have you connected and registered with your state vocational rehabilitation agency?

Have you checked out the offerings from the Hadley School for the Blind? Or NIB (National Industries for the Blind) at because they have some new programs including a contract manager type job. This is one of the most required type jobs by the Federal Government. Have you thought about Federal jobs? Such as from USAJOBS at The federal government is hiring 100,000 persons with disabilities over the next 5 years. Check out the Office of Personell Management site too, at to see the fast tracking process for persons with disabilities. There is testing required for a lot of these jobs and often VR will pay for that cost. You most likely would need accommodations if you use assistive technology. Check it out! Good luck!

Joe S.
AFB Staff

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