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Where did all the Talking Caller ID w/Name AND Number GO????

We had a telephone with talking caller id that gave the Name and the Number when a call came in, also stating both when reviewing calls received. Where is this technology today?? How could we have this for years for my blind mother, now as she ages and cannot remember all the cell numbers of her family, let alone landline numbers - the technology is discontinued? Who is behind this? Please help get this technology back for the blind!!

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Re: Where did all the Talking Caller ID w/Name AND Number GO????

The technology is still there, the problem is the cost. People aren't purchasing enough of them to push the cost down, and the companies eventually just discontinue them. My own organization has just recently stopped selling the talking caller ID because it was discontinued from the manufacturer.

However, a few companies are integrating the talking caller ID into their phones themselves. You can take a look at those.

I've linked two of the phones that we have, but these are in Canada. You will need to do some research into what is available in the US.

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