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Where do you get your ring tones from?

hello to all, i was curious if there is any site out there that works with jaws because i wanted to get some new ring tones independetly with jaws.... sites would be great thanks =)

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Re:Where do you get your ring tones from?

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Re:Where do you get your ring tones from?


Download Demo Collection of Ring Tones, and Check Out the Price Tag of Audio Editing Programs.


Hello to AdrenalineJunkie and others,

The following link is a direct link where anyone here can download and listen to some of the ring tones I have made for myself, family, and friends. Feel free to use them for personal use. Smiley! :)

Next, to answer the post above which had enquired about some price tags...

The prices for each program varies drastically with the GoldWave costing much less and the Sound Forge costing much more. And if one does go for Sound Forge, there is the additional price tag of the JAWS scripts for that program. What I recommend is getting started with GoldWave as it is a fairly feature packed program at a reasonable price, and also, it appears to have more accessibility built in without needing to purchase scripts. I think I had already mentioned that before in my previous post, so I'll just leave it at that.

The prices for each program are as follows:

GoldWave Audio Editor Lifetime License = $49.00
GoldWave Audio Editor One Year License = $19.00
Webpage =

Sound Forge Pro 10 = $374.95
Sound Forge Audio Studio 10 = $64.95
Webpage =

And here is a really good audio format conversion tool called Switch that doesn't cost you a dime. Visit:
where you can download it.

Next, about the scripts for Windows Media Player on Windows 7 Home. From what I understand, JAWS comes with it's own payload of scripts that allow JAWS to interact with most aspects of your Windows computer without having to buy specialized scripts. If the scripts for Windows Media Player that come with your current version of JAWS are not working, it might mean that a newer version of JAWS should be installed. The official JAWS version that works with Windows 7 is JAWS 11 and later. However, as a disclaimer, do not hold me to this because it's been such a long time since i've used Windows Media Player on any opperating system, let alone on Windows 7.

Alright, dear readers, if you have any questions about anything that I have said here, do send me an email. Secondly, if anyone here is interested in obtaining an extended trial version for either GoldWave or Sound Forge, also send me an email. And most importantly, if anyone here requires some help to get started on the basics of audio editing, I can give a crash course over the phone or Skype.

Take care, and talk soon.


Questions or comments, send emails to:

Or send instant messages through AIM/Skype using:

Day or night, call Talkshop, the US partyline for blind people, at:


Re:Where do you get your ring tones from?

oh cool, that's good to know... what are the prices of the programs... hmm jaws scripts... i'm on windows 7 home and i was wondering is there a script for windows medea player? hmm... intresteing... i'm new to jaws and barely getting to know diff stuff... i'm assuming these scripts will let me use the program with jaws... thanks

Yes, very accessible!


To anser if the listed programs are accessible with a screen reader.

Yes, they are accessible. Although, if one were to purchase the JAWS scripts for Sound Forge, it would be much more accessible. That said, I don't have the JAWS scripts for Sound Forge, but I manage to do well enough without them. GoldWave is another program similar to Sound Forge, but it is much more accessible without needing additional scripts.

The difference between the two programs are the price and features. Sound Forge is much more costly, but it has additional features that make it worth its price. Probably not something a beginner would want to start off using right away. For a beginner, going with GoldWave is a better fit. For one thing, it is much costly, and for another thing, it is more accessible without needing to buy additional scripts as previously mentioned.

As for the DBPowerAmp program, well, that is both an excillent and advanced audio format conversion tool that can work directly within Windows Explorer. Audio conversion tools help encode or decode one audio format to another. For example, converting wav into mp3 is a common practice for me. One would want to do this mostly in order to save space because wav is much larger than mp3's. Lastly, yes, this program is accessible as well.

Hope that helps.



Re:Where do you get your ring tones from?

oh cool, are these programs you listed above jaws friendsly, i'm total so yea...

Be original, make custome ring tones if possible!



I've always felt that there was something missing from my ring tones that come with the phone, so along the guides of being unique, I started making my own ring tones from the songs that I like. Then things later progressed to the point of making ring tones for my friends! Smiley.

Some of the programs I use are:
- Sound Forge
- GoldWave
- DBPowerAmp
- And packages of Designer Sound Effects

If anyone here would like to check out my awesome collection of customized ring tones, give a shout out here and I'll put together a package.

Alright, talk soon,

Day or night, call Talkshop, the partyline for blind people, at:


Re:Where do you get your ring tones from?

Yes, i love adrenaline =) i do have default tones but was wanting diff type like crazy sound effetcs and some nice songs... =) i know there is alot of site out there but not sure if people here were using certain one that are jaws friendly (accesable)

Re:Where do you get your ring tones from?

Hi Adrenaline Junkie! I already have my ringtones on my phone. I just use the ones that come with the phone. So you like adrenaline pushes too? I love roller coasters, bungee jumping, and jumping off the 855-foot tall Stratosphere.

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