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Where to sell software

I've been helping out a friend's elderly mom who has vision problems. She was bored at her assisted living place and decided she wanted to use a computer. It turned out she had more than vision problems and was totally incapable to use a new computer (in her day she was great with DOS based spreadsheets).

We started her out with Jaws 10 but all that did was chatter away; she had no idea how to control the computer. In desperation I suggested Dragon Naturally Speaking and we had fantasies of the Star Trek computer: (remember Captain Kirk would say ... "Computer?".. and then the tinny woman's voice would say ..."Working!.."). During testing we found out that using Dragon works best when you can ACTUALLY SEE THE SCREEN, which defeated the whole process. (Windows 7’s free voice control actually worked a little better than Dragon!)

Anyway, we finally gave up and pulled the plug and now we are left with a very nice computer (going to give it to the kids) and Jaws 10 ($900), Dragon Naturally Speaking Standard 10 ($80) and Dragon Naturally Speaking Preferred 10 ($100) (Preferred was supposed to have special Web based commands built in). I'm sure we can sell the Dragon software on eBay but I don't know where to advertise the Jaws software, we would like to maybe get half the money back. Freedom Scientific verified it can be installed on a different machine.

Does anyone know where I could advertise Jaws? eBay does not seem like the right place.

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