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Which browser and screen reader?


Which screen reader / browser do people use?

I'm doing research into web accessibility at Manchester University in the UK, and we need to understand the technology people are currently using. Could you please let me know which screen reader (JAWS, Window-Eyes, etc.), and which web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.) you use. As many people as possible please! Please either email me at, or reply on these message boards.



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Re:Which browser and screen reader?

Me, I use chrome a lot. It loads faster than firefox and it doesn't acquire that much of my computer memory.

Re:Which browser and screen reader?

I have Usher's Syndrome Type 2 with RP.

I use a 19" screen for my desktop at home, 17" screen on my laptop for school, and 17" screen at work. The software I use is called Zoom Text and it is produced by AI Squared.

Re:Which browser and screen reader?


I use the latest version of JAWS and Internet Explorer on a 17" HP laptop which has a numeric keypad. It workes pretty well on most sites but untagged graphics and CAPTCHA's are a problem.


Re:Which browser and screen reader?

I have used JAWS for ever and ever and ever...but on this computer, I am using the Thunder screen reader and the Webbie browser that comes with it. I love JAWS the most though, because (not only does it sound at least a little more human), it gives me access to everything on the page, and you can use it with your regular browser; I've always used it with Internet Explorer. Now with the computer I'm currently using (a laptop), as I said I have Thunder and Webbie. At least it lets me access the most important stuff on a webpage, and I can do the tasks I need to get accomplished with it. JAWS gives you more access though. It's also very, very customizable; you can even change what it says when it encounters certain controls from the usual "edit," or whatever to something else. I never used that part of the features, but I just think that's really neat!

Re:Which browser and screen reader?

Thanks PCHOFFMAN, that's useful to know.

Re:Which browser and screen reader?

Hi Andy,
I have wet amd but have quite a bit of useable vision after a multitude of treatments with various drugs: Macugen, Visudyne, Avastin. The screen reader/magnifier I use here is ZOOMTEXT. It woorks very well and helps me use the internet and my computer. I wholeheartedly recommend ZOOMTEXT magnifier/reader. Cheers.

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