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Window Eyes Screen Reader?

Hello Technology Talk reader,
I currently work as a medical transcriptionist and am a writer avocationally. I have been blind from infancy but most of my computer time, 15+ years has been with using Jaws For Windows and for a very short time in the beginning Artic.
I am considering replacing my home computer system and thinking about Window Eyes. I do not know much about this platform but wonder if it still competes equally with Jaws, and may be as versatile as Jaws?
Where can I read an evaluation of this screen reader if still being produced? Thank you.

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Re: Window Eyes Screen Reader?

Hi, new user here. Have listened to audio tutorial which was very helpful.
Here’s my issue. When accessing gmail via firefox (win 10) I can use window eyes to search for the message I want and access it via the gmail link, but cannot get window eyes to read the text that appears. Have tried a variety of the browse mode commands without luck.

Can anyone share a tip on this, or a broader tutorial on gmail?

Or let me know if i should post this in another subforum?
Thank you!

Re: Window Eyes Screen Reader?

Hi, I have been using WE for the last 10 years. I don't know Jaws at all, but find WE very user friendly and it has a very good tutorial built-in, and on the GW Micro website. There are also audio tutorials and webners on the site.
Hope this helps. I think they are really very similar.

Re: Window Eyes Screen Reader?

Word-Smith, Thank you for the guidance to GW-Micro. Sorry to have not replied sooner!

Re: Window Eyes Screen Reader?

Window-eyes can be downloaded as a demo at Just go to the Window-eyes link and download the demo from there. below is the link to the gw page to download the tutorial. You can download it in sections or at the bottom of the sections, about line 118, you can download the entire tutorial. Most of it is done with windows 7, but one section covers the start screen in windows 8. Hope this helps.

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