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Would you use this product?


We are a group of high school students doing an engineering scheme and we are considering developing a product targeted at those who are blind or visually impaired. Basically, you would stick little devices to essential everyday objects eg. keys, mobile phone, passport, purse. Then there would be another device, maybe in the form of a watch, which, through voice recognition, would trigger one of the devices to beep and so help you to locate the specified item.

We would really appreciate any feedback on this idea.

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Re: Would you use this product?

Your product sounds like those luggage locators people use in airports when they go to reclaim their luggage off of the conveyor belts.

Re: Would you use this product?

I would definitely use this. There were instences where I accidentally put a battery charger on one of the computers at my school.

Re: Would you use this product?

I have a friend who is recently blind. What if markers were adhered to the walls in his house that would emit sound or transmit sound to a hand held receiver. The sound woud get louder when he came closer. Each marker would make a different sound so he could tell for example if he was in the hall or in the kitchen. Perhaps the pitch would get higher if he pointed the receiver directly at the marker so he would know what direction it was in. With a series of these markers placed around the house he could navigate more easily.

Re: Would you use this product?


While I certainly do not mean to discourage you on your proejct, and keeping in mind that something can almost always benefit from innovation, have you taken a look at Tile?

I have not used this, so I cannot say whether or not the app is accessible.

Re: Would you use this product?

Yes I would use this product. I am in high school so I apreciate projects like this lol. I would love for people to not have to call my phone when I loose it. Also it would be nice to not continually lose track of printed materials that I submit to my teachers. If this were more then a high school project I would suggest making the devise used to locate the items into an ap, but sense I don't know how many resources you have I would say that it would be convenient to have the devises to be place on multiple items in the form of a sticker or other nonobtrusive item. Thanks for thinking of a project like this. Not many of my classmates, as nice as they are, would have thought something like this up. Can I ask what inspired the idea? Good luck.

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