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Writing Script in JAWS!

Hello friends!

I'm a JAWS user and I'm really interested in writing scripts for JAWS.

Can anyone help me to learn how to write it? I know that, the help file is availeble. But I just want someone who can explain to me in an easy and simple manner that I can understand better.
I know a little bit of it now. But a very basic stuf, you know.

Please let me know if anyone is interested!!!


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Re:Writing Script in JAWS!

hi, my name is bradley i can't help with the scripts but what i can help with is the hotmail.
i am using jaws 9.0 what i do is i go to the subject box press enter on it, ihere jaws say forms mode on, then i type in my subject press tab jaws doesn't say anything for some reason. don't worry because you can type in there.
so type you're mesidge and press jaws key wich is insert then f 7 then s an till you here send and press enter. you might need to press the pc kerser so jaws go's out of forms mode. press h and you should here you're mesidge has been sent.

hope this helps.
from brad.

Re:Writing Script in JAWS!

hi i dont know about
jaws but
i have the same probs with my microsoft narrator
so what i do is
first will tipe
message in notepad
and copy,paste in hotmail
thats it
bye bye
Suman Kumar Bhokray

Re:Writing Script in JAWS!

Hi sorry I can not help you with writing the script for jaws but thought you might be able to help me with something.
When using my hotmail account to send a message I can not write in the message box as jaws doesn’t give me that option but it does for writing in the subject box.
Can anyone help me with this problem.

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