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Hi all, I have a new ZoomText 9.0 I would like to sell. Asking price is $250.00 half the price I bought it for. Email me for more details, and information at:

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Re:ZoomText vs. Magic

Concerning the comparison between ZoomText and MAgic:

My experiences after using both programs:

They are both very good programs and their pricing is the same. They both can enlarge the screen up to 36 times.

ZoomText Pros:
-- Dual Monitor Support
-- Runs pretty good on Windows Vista,
-- You get a 30 day trial
-- It seems to be smoother than Magic, less jerking as you move the mouse around.

Magic Pros:
-- More freedom with magnification: you can go 1.1, 1.2, etc. This allows you to choose more precisely how big you want something.

-- Magic works well with JAWS.

-- It has better color enhancements than ZoomText does, i.e., you can tint your screen to reduce glare. You can do this with ZT too but it works better in Magic and you have more options.

ZoomText Cons
-- Has an option to buy both the Magnifier and Screen Reader, but the Screen Reader is very poor.

-- If using just the magnifier while running JAWS, conflicts arise.

Magic Cons:
-- They only give you a 40 minute mode trial
-- The screen can jerk if you move your mouse too fast; this could be a vista issue too.

Bottom Line:

It comes down to personal preference. But because there are times when I need the voice reader running while magnifying something; owning the MAgic program with speech would be better.



actually... i love zoomtext 9.1. it works great with windows vista. and i know nothing about magic.. but i'm very curious to know which one could be better.


I found similar problems. Someone told me about trying MAGIC instead. Do you know anything about MAGIC?


Zoom Text 9.0 is a good product, it's got some flaws, but their update 9.1 is a monster. The updated version is difficult to install due tot he fact that it distorts the display settings, and will not run. Tech support was a joke, and the icing on the cake was it blew out my sound card and added a video card with the drivers that did not exzist. I will be re-installing 9.0 and I'll deal with it's querks.

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