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A Wonderful Way to meet People

Hello my Fellow Sight Lackers,

My name is Maggie and I own a telephone conference line, The Escape Zone. It is a partyline that is designed for people to have a place to call in at any time of the day or week and have a good time meeting strangers and making new friendships. It is completely free and we have a lot to offer to our friends with or without sight.

We have our own POD Cast system to where you could listen to over 400 DVS movies, along with some other media files.

For those that would like the chance to win $50 by joining our NFL Football picks each week, anyone may join, even those that do not watch football. We also feed the games into the conference lines for those that are not able to watch it.

And soon, we are planning on having a biweekly meeting for those without sight to be able to come together and discuss blind issues, products, and news.

If you would like to come be a part of The Escape Zone family, come join us at 712-432-6417 (completely free given that you have free long distance). I am generally found to be in room one on the system. We also have rooms available for those that may want to run their own room and earn money in the process.

Hope to chat with you soon! Again, it is 712-432-6417

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Re: A Wonderful Way to meet People

This sounds interesting.
Can I really make money from running my own room?
I'm linving in the UK does that make a difference?

Re: A Wonderful Way to meet People

hello I might give it a try as well what about a place where we can meet singles in our own area so far I have had no luck f

Re: A Wonderful Way to meet People

my name is Bob and I'am blind not total since 1969 due to trauma anyway I think the escape zone sounds like it is fun place to go to talk with other blind and visually impaired folks I look forward to exploring this zone thanks Bob.

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