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Andy in Michigan

Hi. I'm Andy in Michigan. I'm legally blind from RP. I don't use the computer - so my sister is typing this for me. I'm 49 years young (ha ha) and I'm not looking for a woman/hook up / marriage or even girlfriend. I'm just looking for a real friend (man or woman) who is around my age and has a high school education like me. I like animals and music and food! I'm looking for a REAL quality friend sincerely to talk to me on the real phone (NO SEX CHAT EVER DON"T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT) --- just normal everyday things in our lives. That's it. No strings, no fantasies about traveling - nothing goofy and certainly dicussions about other things than our vision or lack of PLEASE! I am not my visual acquity! I have two dogs that I love very much. I live with my father. My sister (who is typing this, lives nearby) so I don't want to bother her much. But, if you have questions about me, just email her at I'm a simple fun nice person looking for someone similar to be my REAL telephone pal. We don't have to talk often or for a long time, I'd just like someone to talk to who is around my age...(no teens or twenties sorry - nothing in common). If you will color my life a little bit with the really cool stuff about you and who you are, please email my sister and let you know. I like to go to the mall and listen to basketball, I love startrek and I like to listen to books on tape. Other than that - I'm just your future freind and I hope you are mine!

Again, I do NOT use the computer - and won't - I don't have one of my own. But the REAL telephone is just fine. ONLY people living in the USA should contact me please. NO SPAM, NO PERVERTS and NO ONE LOOKING FOR A DATE. Hey, I gotta be honest here...
I just want to make a friend sincerely, with only real people who are good at heart and won't be a flash in the pan of my life (someone who knows what a real friend is!)

Contact my sister - and ask more questions or
if you are lonely like me and would like to be friends asap, please send your phone number and best time to call and your name. Nancy will send you photos of me and my dogs - I love my dogs.

Andy in Michigan. (I hope someone nice contacts me).

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Re:Andy in Michigan

Two hotdogs. Ha ha. Daschunds.

Re:Andy in Michigan

What kind of dogs do you have?

Re:Andy in Michigan

AGAIN - PLEASE DO NOT POST YOUR RESONSE HERE> PLEASE WRITE TO MY SISER at Because she doesn't check this website often (she can you know...)

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