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anxiety and mobility

Seeking advice or someone who can relate to anxiety issues related to orientation and mobility?

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Re:anxiety and mobility


I can relate to your issues. When I first started opientation an mobility, I was nerverous, and full of anxiety. I wanted to do everything right to please my instructor.

Re:anxiety and mobility

I would say a lot of us had anxiety when first starting to travel and learn our O & M skills. It is not easy.

Truthfully, if you are having O & M training, the instructor should start you out with basic and simple steps and build up. (they may be or have done that, but you haven't provided a lot of info, as traveler stated). You are supposed to build your confidence and practice with an instructor and then get out there and practice. But, you start with easier situations and then progress from there.

I would say even the best of travelers come to a situation that brings on anxiety, if you are truly unsure, then find another route. If you can not find another way to cross or something, then find assistance. This is a learning process and confidence does not come over night.

I would say some anxiety can help to keep you sharp and really make sure you are paying attention. But, you don't want to be overwhelmed to the point where you are distracted or not thinking clearly.

Just some thoughts.

Joe S.
AFB Staff

Re:anxiety and mobility

Before, any of us can make educated suggestions we need to know a bit more about you and your specific anxieties.
If you do not wish to reveal such information, the blind services in your area are your best bet.
But if you like, there are many of us out there that can help due to our own experiences.
So, let us here from you.

Re:anxiety and mobility

Hello, I just lost my sight about two months ago. To be fair, I was legally blind before hand, but it was still a leep from being able to ride a bike, to getting lost in my own room. Anyways, I'm not sure what you're looking to talk about but I can relate to your nervousness.
Sincerely, Neuron

Re:anxiety and mobility

I can see, so I am not the one to help. But I can imagine how incredibly terrifying mobility could be.

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