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Any Guide Dog Users?

Hello everyone! I was wondering if anyone here has a guide dog? My name is Clare. I live in southern New Jersey. I am currently in the midst of applying for my first Seeing Eye dog.
I was wondering if you would mind sharing your experiences of what meeting/training and working/living with a guide dog are like? If you are willing to do so feel free to write a lot; as I am a very outgoing and talkative person and don't mind long'windedness!
I hope to befriend you and your dear furry guide! Thank you in advance for your honesty, support, stories and time!
With prayers,

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Re: Any Guide Dog Users?

Hello, my daughter got a guide dog last Aug. in San Rafael. We have worked with them all year at her high school. She has no interest in the internet but I am starved for other guide dog experienced people. She is 16 and lives at home with her younger siblings so we are all a part of this guide dog experience. I didn't get any training but I read a lot on their website and I call our supervioser. I feel like they left us hanging out here. My daughter being a teenager doesn't have the best coomunication skills and her teachers know next to nothing. We are flying by the seat of our pants. I am a seasoned dog owner and I fear I am disorting his training by my beliefs. Ugh...

Re: Any Guide Dog Users?

Hi my name is Jillian and I have a guide dog. A female black lab and she's amazing! What would you like to know or hear about? If you'd like feel free to email me at

Re: Any Guide Dog Users?

Hello how are you? My name is Tom and I live in Ct. I went through Guiding eyes for the blind. Had to send dog back after one week of bringing him home. This was because; he did not like the stares on Peater pan buses. I am kerently trying to get a dog through freedom guide dogs out of NY. The time i had him with the exception of the stares he was a great dog. feel free to contact me off list if you'd like

Re: Any Guide Dog Users?

Hey there, my name is Alana. I went to a different school than you're looking at, so I can't tell you much about the Seeing Eye. I'm not sure what all you would like to know, so go ahead and ask whatever you want. There is another young woman named Sarah who has a dog. Unfortunately, I was only able to work with kylee for a fairly short period of time.

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