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anyone else in the Delaware Valley?

hi. relatively new to the site... just wondering if there's anyone around PA, DE, or NJ.

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Re:anyone else in the Delaware Valley?

Hi Paulina, my name is Mike. i'm quite a bit older than you at 39. But i'd be happy to share anything i've learned with you, or help any way i can. I wrestled throughout high School and college at the university of pittsburgh. I also rowed stroke for Pitt's crew team. I also played drums in high school for marching band, concert band, and our school's jazz band. Currently i manage a team that maintains Credit Card test environments in Bank of America's technology sector. you can email me at best of luck to you

Re:anyone else in the Delaware Valley?

hey there!!my name is paulina i don't live in those areas but i would love to get to know you!!
i'm legally blind and i am from southern california i am 16 and an incomming senior in highschool!!
what about yourself?
welcome and nice to meet you!

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