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Anyone else like Ramstein?

I've been on several other sites trying to get recommendations for bands which are similar in style to Ramstein. Nothing good yet. I'm hoping someone here may be able to help?
Any good new metal for that matter.

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Re:Anyone else like Ramstein?

im glad you liked your welcome

Re:Anyone else like Ramstein?

woohoo! someone who answers postings!
Hey thanks for the kicka$$ suggestions. i checked them out on youtube, and am leaning more towards deathstars... but i appreciate both.
I'm in Delaware.
Pacis exsisto vobis

Re:Anyone else like Ramstein?

Yes. I myself like Rammstein alot. Some bands that sound similar are deathstars and emigrate is by one there members who branched off in another band. its not german but similar voice and music. I was wondering wat state are you living in?

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