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anything better than Apple's VoiceOver for Mobile

Hi all;

Curious if any visually impaired folks have had luck with any of the out-of-the-box screenreaders for mobile phones besides IPhone/VoiceOver. I have an IPhone 8 and I like it for it's accessibility, however since Apple is bent on using their collective genius to continually advance their methods of screwing people out of their money, it'd be nice to have an alternate solution.
This whole thing with removing the headphone jack everyone else in the world uses so they can force folks to buy their headphones, their adapters, and even splitters since you can't charge your phone and listen to music/phonecalls concurrently is borderline robbery. Plus they have now taken to labeling some of the music you rip from your own purchased CD's essentially as Apple Music as it's getting DR'ed in the cloud. This means that when you get a new phone, it will not allow you to transfer your own music from your computer, that originated from your purchased CD to your new phone! That, is outright robbery.
I feel like I'm stuck with IPhone as my mobile solution because of the VoiceOver software being the best in class.
Any shared experience on other devices that are comparable or better in terms of the adaptive software would be most appreciated.

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Re: anything better than Apple's VoiceOver for Mobile

btw, loved your response to the guy who was jealous of his girl's guide dog. spot on!

Android also works for blind and low vision folksRe: anything better than Apple's VoiceOver for Mobile

Try checking out for Android seminars and podcasts. I use Apple myself but do know totally blind folks who also use Android and its speech.

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