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are you In California???

blind 25 male searching for friends in CA trying to hang out .. H.M.U what good hobbies do you have?

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Re: are you In California???

Haven't been here for a while but Hi Rachel I'm Keean. I'm currently going to school in Thousand Oaks (at Cal Lutheran University) but go to LA quite a bit. I'd love to meet someone from here as well, you can contact me here:

Re: are you In California???

yes, I am 21, though, not interesting in dating, this is important, there use to be a bunch of us on here that was from California Ive met with one of the others. I doubt she comes on here, anymore. I am Rachel by the way, lives in Los angeles county, love, everything academic, I am a bit of a nerd, eating food, tons of food, exploring culture, debating politics, current events, music collecting, I only like older music, however. writing, I write fanfictions, hang out with folks, one of my becoming good friends we first met on here lives out in the san-burnadino or riverside county areas.

Re: are you In California???

Hi, we are in CA. My daughter is blind and a high school junior. Not 25, but we would love to collaborate on fun things to do in SOCAL for the blind teen and older. I, her mother, am her filter. Would love to collaborate with you on hobbies. Cara

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