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art installation about blindness and sexuality

Hello, my name's Felipe and I just finished my master's in Anthropology. I researched blindness issues regarding a theatrical/dance group with a play about blindness. Now I'm involved in an artistic installation that comprises of small wooden plaques with braille writings on it, regarding tales about LGBT blind people's sexual life. I'm writing here to know if someone here that is lesbian, gay or transexual would like to be part of it, sending me their narratives. The idea of the project is to make people more conscious about blind people's sex and social life, to dissolve prejudices about disabilities. If someone's interested or know someone who is, contact me please! I'll give more information if needed :) best regards.

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Responding to Your Inquiry

You are asking folks to communicate with you about one of the most private things a human being ever speaks of. In addition, relationships which are not heterosexual are frowned upon in many countries and in many religions. So, asking folks to write to you on this list may be asking them to be more exposed than they feel comfortable being. Please remember that, as a researcher, your first priority is integrity. You are the one who will provide your respondents with courtesy and protect their privacy. Rather than perhaps asking for their email addresses and such (which thankfully you didn't do), you may want to give a link where folks can fill out a survey and stay anonymous. Perhaps this will help you collect data.
It also may put folks at ease to have some way of checking that you are who you say you are. Otherwise, you may be, for example, somebody who just likes sexy stories and wants a new way of collecting them. How are we to know? But if you are legitimate and courteous to potential respondents, folks may feel free to speak about their private lives.

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